Roy Ong


Micropreneur / Associate Faculty / Small Business Specialist in Business IT Consulting, Cloud Computing & IT Security based in Singapore

Current appointments:
- Co-Founder / Principal Consultant, Managed IT Service Provider (MSP)
- Director of Business IT Advisory, Small Business IT Consultancy
- Co-Founder, Enterprise Web & Email Hosting Service Provider
- Co-Founder / Solutions Architect, Open-Source Solutions Provider
- Associate Faculty, Local University

Current interests:

- Managed IT Services (MSP)
- Managed Cloud Services (AWS) (GCP) (AZURE)

- Managed IT Security Services (SIEM) (SOC) (MSSP)
- Small Business IT Consultancy
- Open-Source Solutions
- Life-long Learning, Continuing Education and Training
- Mentoring budding micro/minipreneurs

- Developing Personal Branding initiatives

- Podcasting

- Vlogging